ACE White 70-75-kebab

The White Label 70 blends 70% lamb with a traditional seasoning mix, and is renowned in the industry.for its quality . It holdes its fat. meaning it locks in flavour and doesn’t dry out, which makes the doner easier to slice, which leads to less waste and boosts your profit.

the white Label 70 delivers a traditional balanced flevour and is a firm favourite with a number of our customers.



DBC001-15lb DBC004-30lb DBC008-70lb DBC010-90lb
DBC002-20lb DBC005-40lb DBC007-60lb DBC011-100lb
DBC003-25lb DBC006-50lb DBC009-80lb

If you’re after a traditional tasting. top quality donar that offers excellent value for money. then the white Lable 75 is most definitely for you. The white Lable 75 combines 70% lamb with 5% beef, to create our premium mixed meat Doner kebab . A traditional seasoning mix and superior meat content promise a high yield of exceptionally succulient, tasty donar meat every time…

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