New Zealand 2018

“After 20 years of importing raw material from New Zealand for the kebab industry & our production at Ace 4 Kebabs, it was certainly time to go and see behind the scenes.”

It all began with a comfy flight from London to Dubai, where we changed and then got another flight from Dubai to Melbourne & then another flight from Melbourne too Auckland NZ. Where the trip began…

The duration of the trip was 14 days, we travelled from the south island to the north island visiting multiple sites including 3 Ovation plants, 1 Affco, 1 Silver fern, 1 alliance & many smaller abattoirs.

While visiting some of our closest suppliers it was great to be able to put voices to faces. We also enjoyed the landscape and views. We took in other industries too such as logging & grape farming.

Our trip ended in Queenstown, where we undertook many different activities with suppliers & enjoyed some of New Zealand’s famous restaurant chains. I have attached many photos taken throughout the trip!

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